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Is your family ready for winter driving?

| Dec 11, 2020 | Firm News |

As the winter weather gets frightful, the roads often follow suit. Tires often struggle to grip the snow or sleet or black ice, and it all turns a standard commute into an unwanted rollercoaster ride. While everyone may see snowfall and make a mental note to be safer on the roads, it’s well known that accidents are still prone to happen.

While more seasoned drivers may have plenty of experience navigating the icy tundra, that doesn’t mean all members of the family are geared up for the slippery sliding ride.

Tips for winter driving

It’s no secret that mobile phones play a huge part in our day to day life. For teenagers who may be experiencing their first winter on the roads, it can be intimidating enough to navigate city streets and highways. Even teenagers committed to keeping their eyes on the road might face distraction from the symphony of notification sounds coming from their phones. Putting a phone on silent can help.

And while parents may be more aware of how driving changes during winter, they can also find value in checking up on the family vehicles. Some may have unexplored safety features that could be useful to know later, while others may have unexplored safety issues that could prove to be problems later on.

It can also be crucial to plan for trips to take longer, or even call off trips if the weather gets too brutal. No matter how exciting a social obligation may seem, the hair-raising commute over may likely not be worth it.

Despite whatever precautions you may take, that doesn’t always guarantee a completely safe winter spent on the roads. If an accident creates uncertainty for you and your family’s future, there can be tremendous value in reaching out to a professional advocate who is familiar with how to build a case.