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Do you use car insurance or workers’ comp after a crash at work?

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

Insurance is often the only thing standing between someone hurt in a car crash and extreme financial hardship. The medical costs generated after a collision could be higher than someone’s annual salary, and they might lead to being unable to work as well.

After a crash, you may want to make an insurance claim to help you pay your bills, only to have questions about the right insurance to use. You weren’t to blame for the crash, so you think you may have grounds for a lawsuit against the other driver.

However, you were also working at the time of the wreck, which means that you may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. Which would be a better option for someone hurt in a crash on the job?

Workers’ compensation might be where you start

In theory, workers’ compensation is one of the best forms of protection for someone with a work-related medical issue. The benefits provide full coverage for medical treatment with no deductible, which makes notifying your employer of the crash a smart move. Workers driving on the job is a major injury risk, and crash injuries frequently lead to successful workers’ compensation claims.

Workers’ compensation can also help replace some of your wages until you recover, which is useful. However, you can only expect up to two-thirds of your average weekly wage. What you receive may actually be less than that. Car insurance claims can help round out your workers’ compensation coverage.

The other driver’s policy can help

Workers’ compensation typically will not cover property damage losses, so an insurance claim against the other driver’s policy will be necessary if you need to repair your vehicle. You could also make a claim against their liability coverage for the injury-related expenses that workers’ compensation doesn’t pay. Car insurance can be a way to secure the remainder of your lost wages.

A combination of insurance claims and sometimes also personal injury lawsuits are often necessary for those who suffer some kind of injury in a car crash while working. Learning about workers’ compensation benefits and other systems that protect you will make it easier for you to take the right steps after a motor vehicle collision.