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Why do some people need a lawyer when buying a house?

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2024 | Real Estate |

There are licensed professionals who can serve as agents for those looking to buy or sell real property. These professionals help by representing prospective buyers or sellers during negotiations. They can help either party understand their legal rights and obligations during a real estate transaction.

They help handle the back and forth of the actual negotiations in many cases and review the documents that establish the terms for a real estate sale. Many people assume that a real estate agent’s advocacy is sufficient during a real estate transaction. However, some people hire lawyers instead of or in addition to a real estate agent.

Why might someone partner with an attorney when seeking to buy real estate?

Lawyers understand the intricacies of contracts

Frequently, real estate agents simply use basic, standard documents for every transaction. They plug in a few details and discuss specific terms with their clients. The problem with this approach is that the final contract may not offer the most thorough protection possible. A lawyer can create custom contracts that include the right terms given a buyer’s needs and exposure. Attorneys can integrate unique contingency language into an offer. They can also review the final agreement for the transaction to ensure the seller did not include any surprise terms.

An attorney can help with the closing

There are many elements of a real estate closing that a lawyer can help facilitate. They can provide title services. That process involves reviewing the ownership records for a parcel to ensure clients don’t make a dangerous investment. An attorney can also review the closing paperwork including the final deed. They can advise the client regarding how they hold title when they purchase the property for optimal protection. They can even help review and negotiate the note for the mortgage attached to the property.

Should anything go wrong before or during the closing, a lawyer can handle negotiations on behalf of the buyer. Their advocacy can help minimize disruptions and maximize the protection that buyers enjoy. Securing appropriate assistance during a real estate transaction can make a major difference for those looking to buy a home. A lawyer’s assistance can help buyers make sense of paperwork and protect what they intend to invest in a new house.