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What if a drunk driver who hit you didn’t have insurance?

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

Drunk driving is dangerous. It is also clearly against the law in Connecticut. Unfortunately, neither knowledge about how dangerous drunk driving is nor possible criminal penalties deter people from impaired driving. Plenty of people still think they can drive while drunk without getting caught.

When someone drinks too much and then gets behind the wheel, they can cause a serious collision. The people hurt in those crashes typically have certain rights. You should be able to make a claim against the other driver’s motor vehicle insurance policy. However, sometimes, a driver who is irresponsible enough to drive while drunk is also irresponsible enough to not maintain insurance on their vehicle.

What happens if the drunk driver who hits you doesn’t have a policy on their vehicle?

You can potentially take them to court

Connecticut’s personal injury laws give those hurt by other people the right to sue for compensation. When someone causes losses for you because of their negligence or law-breaking, the courts can hold them accountable for the financial consequences of their decision.

A civil lawsuit could result in a judgment that awards you compensation for the damages you faced, such as any medical bills you have and any income you lost because you cannot work due to your injuries. Even if the state has already prosecuted the driver for drunk driving, you usually still have the right to file a civil suit against them.

Look into third-party liability

There are situations in which you can file a civil lawsuit against someone other than the driver who hit you. For example, the Connecticut dram shop law allows you to hold business accountable for a drunk driving crash.

If there is proof that a business served an underage driver alcohol or if they continued serving someone drinks when they already displayed signs of visible intoxication, they may have some liability for the crash that resulted. The same could be true of social hosts who provide alcohol in a non-business setting. You could also have a claim against an employer if the person who caused the wreck was working at the time.

Exploring your options for compensation can help you obtain justice after a drunk driving crash leaves you with serious injuries or massive property damage expenses.