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The Help You Need After The Crash

Where do you turn after a serious motor vehicle accident? While your friends and family are essential for emotional support, you need an experienced attorney to help you obtain the full compensation you deserve in the aftermath of an injury.

At Jones, Damia, Kaufman & DePaul, LLC, we are here for you. Our attorneys handle auto accident claims throughout Connecticut that include accidents involving cars, trucks and motorcycles. These accidents can result in serious injuries that require significant and/or long-term compensation. Insurance companies will try to minimize your claim. We are here to make sure that you receive the full compensation you need for your best possible recovery.

Obtaining Maximum Compensation

After a crash, you might experience a range of expenses and losses. The immediate medical costs are a significant portion of this, but you may also face ongoing medical care, including multiple surgeries, medication, the need for adaptive technology and other lifelong medical expenses. In addition, you may likely miss a lot of work and lose the wages you need to pay your bills and get by. On top of these costs, you might also experience emotional trauma and reduced physical function, diminishing your quality of life and possibly requiring ongoing psychological care.

Insurance companies will not voluntarily compensate you for these expenses. While they might offer you compensation for the initial medical assistance you receive, it is important to not accept a hasty offer that will likely represent far less than you deserve. Make sure you talk to a lawyer before entertaining such an offer.

Our attorneys know how to get you the maximum compensation award for your injuries and expenses. We have stood up to the insurance companies in the past, and we will do it again for you.

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